a Muse of Fire 
        A fresh spin on the Classics
Imagine +Create+ Inspire!

Founding Members

  1. Executive Director
    Susan Kelejian
    Susan will be participating as a director and actor for the company. She will also be in charge of the conservatory. See AD bio
  2. Executive Director
    Jaye Hersh
    Generous+Colorful+ Kind
  3. Executive Director
    Jolene Rae Harrington
    Dynamic+ Versatile+Perceptive
  4. Executive Director
    Susanna Joslyn Johansen
  5. Executive Director
    Vonder Gray

Company Membership for 2019 is currently closed.
If you would like to be considered for future events and membership, please send resume to [email protected] attn: "company".
We are a non-dues paying company that requires interest, input, production help, and meeting attendence depending on which level of membership.

Adjunct Company Members

  1. Executive Director
    Chance Kelejian
    Student Liaison
  2. Executive Director
    Sasha Heslip
  3. Executive Director
    Michael Addison
  4. Executive Director
    Phil Nemy
  5. Executive Director